What is Infor’s SyteLine and Do You Need It For Your Company

If you are an Infor customer, then you probably know about SyteLine. But if not, read on to find out all about it!

Do you work at a company struggling to make do with the less-than-ideal sales system currently in place? Are there too many outdated systems in the office that are overcrowding your employees?

This is where Infor’s SyteLine comes in.

SyteLine is a CRM – (customer relationship management):

Helps customers manage their sales and marketing pipelines. This CRM can help you map out your sales, track your product life cycles, and analyze data to make more effective business decisions.

Because this is a CRM meant for companies to use, and not individuals, you can easily keep up with your customer’s sales cycle to make sure that they smoothly make it through the funnel.

SyteLine is a reporting, predictive and analytics platform:

It operates on cloud technology. Meaning that it will work with customers regardless of what kind of computer they use, what operating system they employ or what browser they use.

This reporting platform will help you to put together reports in moments. You can create your report whenever you want and however you want, and refer back to it.

SyteLine is a suite of products:

Developed by Infor, SyteLine is a suite of products that make up a cloud-based platform. This means that it’s user-friendly and will adhere to the popular trend of cloud technology.

Three different products make up SyteLine software, and they are Sales Management, Marketing Management, and Product Lifecycle Management.

With the Sales Management product;

• you will be able to manage all of your sales operations,

• see who’s in the sales pipeline,

• track data and increase your forecast accuracy.

With Marketing Management;

• you can manage all of your marketing campaigns with built-in templates and relevant analytics.

With Product Lifecycle Management;

• you can manage your product data and accelerate your time to market.

SyteLine is intricately linked to other products:

This means that you will have access to over 500+ business applications, with everything in one place and accessed from anywhere.

Provided you can access the Internet, and you can push and pull your data whenever you like. 

There’s no need to be concerned about getting your devices synced or whether or not you have all of the necessary files to put together a report.

SyteLine is innovative:

Currently, according to Infor, 70% of companies are using at least one legacy system. This is an extremely high number, which makes it clear that there is a problem with how companies are currently managing their data.

Luckily, SyteLine changes that. It provides a platform for companies to grow and explore their data without feeling held back because of dated technology.

With SyteLine, you and your company will be able to:

• Unleash creativity through connected technologies

• Enable complete business visibility

• Accelerate revenue growth

• Streamline operations

• Simplify compliance

• Transform data into faster, better business decisions.

SyteLine includes multiple applications and a single point of contact:

This platform is also built on data integrated into the system. This means that everything is in one place, making it easier for customers to access the information they need quickly and easily.

The platform itself is built on InfoMart. This data warehouse has over 4,200 data sources, including Salesforce.com’s CRM, Oracle e-business suite, and many more.

Not only is SyteLine a CRM, but it includes multiple applications that you can use cloud technology, so it’s reliable and secure. If this sounds like the kind of platform you’ve been looking for, talk to your Infor representative about getting started today!

Do you believe in your company’s ability to benefit from going all-in on a cloud system like Infor’s SyteLine? Sign up today for a demo to learn more about all of the ways that you can modernize your company! 

If you’re interested, do not hesitate to read more about the platform on Infor’s website.