Great Theater Plays For Kids

Giving your pupils a place to perform has numerous advantages for them. Discipline, patience, and confidence are required for performance art. As a result, kids who participate in musical theatre frequently develop into very adaptive, quick thinkers. A children’s performance is very dissimilar from what you may see at a high school or on a stage at a community theater. 

 When compared to their non-performing friends, kids who sing, dance, and act are actually four times more likely to get academic achievement awards. Because of this, studio heads are constantly looking for the best children’s musicals to stage. 

1. Alice In Wonderland 

a charming one-act play written based on the well-known Lewis Carroll story. All of the characters from the original Wonderland are brought to life in this theatrical version while maintaining fidelity to the original. Excellent for reader’s theater, contests, children’s theater, and classes with a diverse student population (

 2.  Mary Poppins Jr., a film by Cameron Mackintosh and Disney 

The star of this “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” adventure is everyone’s favorite nanny. Beyond the lead role, there are 25 more opportunities for your kids to demonstrate their singing and dance abilities. 

 3.The Trunk 

Have you heard the story of the “the Trunk” by Elizabeth Powers? A man is prevented from boarding a mystery train due to the size of his bags. What is it that he is so hesitant to part with from his trunk? Moreover, where is the train headed? This fifteen-minute piece by L. Elizabeth Powers is living proof that it’s never too late to choose a different course of action. 

4. Snow White 

The story of Snow White, which is sometimes mistaken for a Grimm fairy tale, really originated in works by Mother Goose author and French Huguenot Charles Perrault. In terms of the dialogue and character designs, this retelling of the tale is incredibly contemporary. The play has a sense of humor, classic charm, and a hint of “camp” that both adults and kids like. Snow White is sassy and flippant. 

 5. Moana – Disney Junior 

As Moana sets off to defend her people, you can follow her journey to discover more about her ancestry. The current Disney classic has won over families all around the world, making it a terrific musical adaption. Your audience and students will adore every second of this uplifting musical, which includes well-known songs like “How Far I’ll Go.” 

 6. Sleeping Beauty 

Everyone came together to celebrate the birth of the royal princess once upon a time in an enchanted land. In Mickey Coburn’s adaption, evil and good godmothers, magicians, monarchs, and clowns are all ingeniously entwined into a charming story that is filled with magic, processions, and fanciful adventures. Simple and affordable to stage. 

 7. Madagascar: A Musical Adventure, a DreamWorks Jr. 

Your kids will “Move It, Move It!,” a lesson plan based on the popular animated film, as a pack of untamed beasts. There are twenty-six fascinating characters, ranging from Alex the Lion to Melman the Giraffe and all the penguins in between. As the animals escape the zoo to explore the outside, join them on an adventure! 

 8. Elf Jr. the Musical 

Despite being a contemporary film, Elf has quickly established itself as a holiday favorite. Join Buddy the Elf on his exciting voyage to New York City as he looks for his father. It’s understandable why many studios have made this Christmas musical an annual event thanks to its funny one-liners and big chorus numbers. 

 9. Christmas In Montana 

Christmas carols are attempted to be sung by students at a tiny one-room school. The singing is abruptly stopped by one of the kids thinking about political correctness. They attempt to update the lyrics of the old Christmas songs to reflect modern norms, which leads to funny consequences and mayhem. 

10. Jr. Seussical 

Come enjoy a musical full of fun and mischief with the Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, and all of your favorite Dr. Seuss characters. There are roles for everyone in this show because there are so many Whos and creatures in the Jungle of Nool. Additionally, it offers youth performing in musicals the opportunity to wear perhaps the most imaginative and vibrant costumes. 

12. The Sound of Music 

The Sound of Music is the ideal choice for directors that need to cast a cast with a range of ages. It’s a fantastic choice because the von Trapp kids span in age from 5 to 16. This musical will have grandparents and parents singing along and smiling because of its well-known songs.